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SDK9 Rehabilitation is a 501c3 non-profit. Our mission is to help rehabilitate & rescue dogs and educate fosters, shelter volunteers and owners. Supporting canine foster parents, providing kennel enrichment as well as providing low-cost training and free training for rescue & therapy dogs.

We are always in need of fosters and volunteers. 

If you are interested in becoming a foster or need assistance please contact us.

  Dog of the week

STELLLLLLLA.... such a sweat heart! This little girl comes to us by way of P.G. County Animal Services Division. She was a little bit underweight and not feeling well when we got her. With rest, some time to decompress and adjust to her new surroundings, we've seen her appetite increase, and her excitement come to life when she see her foster mom. Little Stella has a tiny cold, but we are providing her probiotics to boost her immune system and have noticed her tail wagging more and her personality come through. Once Stella has gained some weight, and feels better, she will be spayed and ready for adoption.

Stella is so wonderful and quiet in her crate, and when given free time to explore, has had not issues. She is submissive and docile and loves to sit near her human, but is not intrusive. Give the command tho, and she'll be in your lap in a heartbeat! That cute little under bite just draws you in to speak to her like an excited child and pet her oh so soft white fur! You can't help but become so in love when you meet her! Stella has proven to be such a good girl. She has had no potty accidents in her crate, and goes outside without any issues to potty. She has been introduced to the treadmill to allow her to work her muscles and alleviate any excessive energy on those rainy or cold January days.

What a great way to start out the new year by adopting a rescue dog in 2020 to become part of a family!

We hope you will consider Stella, or one of our other wonderful pups that we work with before they are adopted into homes.  If you'd like to meet Stella, or any of our other dogs, please visit our "Adoption Info" page to fill out an adoption application and to view our other dogs.

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