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Low-cost one on one sessions
See options below in the training form

Seminars and New Adopter Training Classes
Private & Group Classes available 
-Potty Training
-Leash walking
-Aggression issues
-Food aggression
-New Puppy
SDK9's Training Facility in Hughesville, MD
*Free* Foster Training & Support Available 
SDK9's training facility in Hughesville, MD

Please use the form below for training inquiries. 
We will get back with you as soon as we can.


Don't forget to fill out the waiver!

Pack Walks

Please check out our calendar or email us for dates or more info

Pack Walk Requirements:
1. Current on vaccines
2. Owner and dog healthy enough to safely walk 3 or 4 miles
3. Use safety methods such has gentle leader, basket muzzles, double leashes if you have a reactive dog
4. Reach out for training assistance as needed if you find areas you may need to work on
5. Clean up after your pet
6. Consider packing 1st aid kit
7. Have water for you and your pet
8. Please keep dogs away from one another as we arrive at the trail and be aware of space as we walk closer as the walk goes on.
9. Be prepared to see wildlife, people, dogs, horse back riders
10. 6-foot leashes and secure collars recommended for safety
11. Bug spray a dog check for ticks after a walk

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