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Sanctuary Dogs

Sponsoring an S&D K9 "Sanctuary Dog" will help us save more!

What is a "sanctuary dog" you ask?  There are occasions where our rescue has pulled a dog for adoption, but realize after they have had some time to decompress from shelter life, that the dog is just not ready for adoption for various reasons.  These reasons might be health related (nothing life threatening), owner surrenders (which meet certain criteria), or we realize that the dog thrives in an environment that can provide structure, exercise, discipline, controlled playgroups and socialization and is just not ready for a new home. 


"Sanctuary dogs" can be thought of as furry employees because they are put to "work" in our rescue by helping in playgroups and other interactions with currently adoptable foster dogs.  These interactions with our "forever fosters" allow our adoptable dogs to interact socially and helps them get ready for their new homes.  S&D K9 Rehab & Rescue has also made one promise to each and every dog we take in, that the best possible outcome will be provided, whether it be a forever home with a new family, or a spot in our rescue to live safely and free from ever ending up in another overcrowded shelter.


Sponsoring a "sanctuary dog" will allow us to continue to help these dogs, and keep them safe from ending up in a shelter.  Sponsoring provides food and ongoing medical care.  Diana our director has opened up boarding spots for some of them and the donations also help off set the cost of paying their daily caretakers.  Without sponsors like you, we could not continue to do what we do.   You can see and meet some of our current "sactuary dogs" below. 


Sponsoring an S&DK9 "sanctuary dog" is a great way to help us save more lives.  By sponsoring, we can use your donation for your sponsored "sanctuary dog" which in turn frees up funds to help other dogs.  Your donations help us with the cost of veterinarian care, food, training tools, such as leashes, halters, and collars (that each dog receives), along with treats and toys for each pup.  When you sponsor, you will receive a personal thank you on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by tagging you or your business.  We will also share photos of our "Sanctuary dogs" in playgroups helping our currently adoptable pups.  

Your donation is tax deductible and 100% appreciated by S&D K9 Rehabilitation & Rescue. 

Donations towards any of our "Forever Fosters" are greatly appreciated. 


See our "Forever Fosters" below.

 If you would like to donate or sponsor to one of the below dogs, email us.

Meet S&D K9's

Sanctuary Dogs

Sanctuary Dogs Working & Helping

Sponsoring Options for our "Sanctuary Dogs":

S&D K9 Rehabilitation humbly thanks you for your donation and support!

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