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SDK9 Rehabilitation is a 501c3 non-profit. Our mission is to help rehabilitate & rescue dogs and educate fosters, shelter volunteers and owners. Supporting canine foster parents, providing kennel enrichment as well as providing low-cost training and free training for rescue & therapy dogs.

We are always in need of fosters and volunteers. 

If you are interested in becoming a foster or need assistance please contact us.

  Charlotte Needs Our Help

Charlotte ended up at the Eastern Shore Regional Control Facility mid-May in horrific shape. She had infected wounds draining pus and was so malnourished she could not stand.  Charlotte’s nails were so long they curled into her pads, along with being infested with ticks and so dirty it was obvious she was devoid of any care whatsoever.  She was taken to the local vet and put on antibiotics, and 10 days later, when her stray hold was over, our friends at Kindness Matters Rescue, Inc., assessed her for rescue.  Even though she still looked to not be feeling well, and looked so rough, she seemed to have a will to recover!  Her wounds were healing, she was gaining a little bit of weight, and she was all tail wags.  Kindness Matters wanted to give her every chance to have a wonderful life, far from wherever she use to be.  Charlotte aced her assessment.  She was super friendly, so tolerant of handling, and had a twinkle in her eye.  One concern that was noted while with Kindness Matters was a swollen toe.   Kindness Matters treated her to ticks, and cleaned her up, and then set out to ask for a rescue to take her.  S&D K9 stepped in and Charlotte is now settling in with our rescue.  She clearly has had many litters of puppies in the past.


We took Charlotte to our vet and she does have a UTI, which will require a recheck.  They took x-rays, and the vet recommends that her toe should be amputated.  While working with Charlotte, the vet had nothing but wonderful things to say about sweet Charlotte, her calm demeanor, and her behavior during the exam and x-rays were amazing, it’s as though Charlotte knows that she is finally in a good place.  Once Charlotte has been cleared medically, we are going to set out to find her a wonderful family who will allow her to have the life she deserves, a life of safety, with good food, a warm bed, and most importantly, to be a part of a loving family who values the special bonds that humans and dogs can have.   

With blood work, x-rays, and an upcoming toe amputation, we are hoping that we can count on your support to help us offset the cost of Charlotte’s medical bills.  If you can donate just click on the heart below to donate via PayPal.  Truly any amount will help so greatly and we thank you for your donations and following Charlotte’s journey. 

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